Speed up Your Android Chrome Browser

Speed up Your Android Chrome Browser

We all have experienced how Google chrome is very slow and unresponsive in android. We can increase the speed of google chrome by following steps .

1.open chrome and type chrome://flags in address bar

The landing  page will look like this.

2. Scroll down till you see maximum tiles option

3. Change the value from default to 512 and restart chrome. Now chrome and it loads complex websites without freezing.

Other options

Show Autofill predictions – Disabled by default, this flag will insert predicted text into text boxes for you. Not just for password
Enable offline auto-reload mode – Turn this off to prevent tabs from automatically reloading if the previously failed to load. Perhaps you were offline at the time. 
Disable click delay – Chrome waits almost half a second sometimes before acting on your button clicks? Because it delays so that you can trigger a double click action.
Disable the pull-to-refresh effect – Most people were excited to see pull-to-refresh in Chrome, if you were not, simply hit this to turn it off again.


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