White collar crime

Brian hit rock bottom. He was going to jail for insider trading and it couldn’t get much worse than that.
As the jail warden brought Brian to his cell, Brian’s worst fears were materialized. Sitting hunched over on a bed was his soon to be roommate. He was a hunk of a man wearing a sleeveless undershirt, with vicious looking tattoos on each arm.
As Brian approached the prison cell the giant looked up at him and said in a deep booming voice, “hey man, what did you do to get yourself in here?”
“White collar crime" responded Brian nervously.
“Hey man, how about that? Me too,” the giant said.
“Phew,” said Brian feeling his body relaxing, “To be honest I got a bit nervous when I saw you.”
“Nah” responded the giant waving his hand “what’s there to be nervous about?”
“So tell me,” questioned the giant “How many priest’s did
you kill?”


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