Amazing fact about the Audi R8 Advertisement

The Audi R8 is probably one of the best sports car on the market today.
Audi also spends a bomb on marketing it. We're guessing it entails loads of camera equipment, crew of a hundred and a budget of a million Euros. And then this happened. Audi asked photographer Felix Hernandez to create a photo set of the car. He did it alright. He shot the car that costs about Rs 2.5 crores, using a scale model that costs Rs 2,500.
See the results for yourself.
1 - R8 passing through the Alps
Nope. It wasn't Alps
2. The R8 drifting on snow
Actually it was just a wooden board
3. R8 resting on the beach
Not really
Felix hernandez is specialises in making mock ups and shooting model cars like they were real.
For more amazing pics click the link below.


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