Chennai: Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 story has been leaked from the closed sources of the team and here is the exclusive Robot 2 leaked story and have a look on it.

Superstar Rajinikanth much awaited movie Robo 2.0 has been started in this month officially and after the completion of Kabali, the superstar will join in the Robo 2 sets. The pre-productions works are going on a jet speed and whole cast and crew have been already finalized by director Shankar. According to latest updates, Robo 2 story leaked by the makers and here is the Endhiran 2 story and have a look on it.
As we know, Rajinikanth has made a robot titled as Chitti Robo and it turned to be a Villain in the first part. Rajinikanth performance in Chitti Robo character was the main highlight for that film and in 2.0 also Chitti will have a perfect role and it would be the main highlight for the film.
In Robo first part, according to the court statement, Chitti Robo has been destroyed and put in a science museum to show for students. Now as per Robot 2 leaked story, Scientist Vasikaran will be once gain used Chitti Robo to destroy another powerful Robo which will be played by Akshay Kumar. This Robo had also made by Scientist Vasikaran and it would be more powerful and speedier than Chitti Robo. Akshay Kumar Robo is finally shaking hands with Villains and as per Robo 2.0 leaked story, Chitti Robo has been once again re-modified and made with advanced technology.

So will Chitti Robo attack Villain Robo (Akshay Kumar) is not will be seen on the silver screen. According to leaked story, Chitti Robo is back and once gain entertain audience. The fighting scenes between Chitti Robo and Akshay Kumar Robo is going to be rocking and director Shankar is planning extraordinary visuals and VFX works to get the movie in an International range.


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