The 3 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat

The 3 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat

1. Foods You Don’t Like

If your current diet involves regularly eating food that you don’t like, you’re probably not going to be following that diet for very long.
If a particular food doesn’t taste good, there’s no rule that says you have to eat it.
Yes, it may very well have a number of nutritional benefits.
But there are probably many other foods out there that provide the exact same benefits.
There’s no need to keep eating a certain food you hate just because you’ve been told it’s “good” for you.
Compliance and consistency matter a lot more than the specific foods you’re eating.

2. Foods That Take You Out of An Energy Deficit

To lose fat, you need an energy deficit.
But some people find that eating certain “trigger foods” will set them off on a junk food binge that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
If there is a packet of custard creams in my kitchen, the chances are very high that they won’t be here this time tomorrow.
That’s because once the pack is open, I will eat the lot.
Unlike my wife, who has the uncanny ability to eat just one or two, and then put them back in the cupboard.
So, when I’m trying to lose fat, I make sure there are no custard creams in the house.
If there is a particular food that consistently pushes you outside your macronutrient targets, then do everything possible to avoid it.

3. Foods That Make You Feel Bad

There are certain foods that will leave you feeling bad. If so, cut back or cut them out completely.


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